F & D Tool

For 78 years, F & D Tool has been a pioneer in the cutting tool industry. F & D began with a commitment and philosophy to produce superior quality products at competitive prices with a focus on customer satisfaction. Today, and over the past three decades, under the leadership and management of attorney and electrical engineer Philip Duda, F & D continues to adhere to, and improve upon, that same commitment and philosophy. As F & D moves into the next generation, Philip has brought on board his son, Cort Duda, to honor and continue the traditions and philosophy upon which F & D was founded, while maintaining and embracing flexibility to meet the ever changing demands of its customers and innovations in the industry. F & D is proud to have served its customers and the tooling industry for 78 years as a reliable and trusted manufacturer of cutting tools and looks forward to continuing to serve existing and new customers now and in the future.