Commitment to Quality

The business challenges that faced Jake Alvord and A.J. Polk more than a century ago were customer service, product quality, competitive pricing, and reliable delivery. These same challenges are met today with skilled and motivated people using modern machine tools. For more than 100 years, Alvord-Polk has provided excellence in the reamer industry. They have great pride in the American craftsmen that have made this possible and those craftsmen that will continue to keep their reputation for quality intact into the next century.

Their Asset is People

The true assets of a business are the skills and experience of its people. At Alvord-Polk, attention is focused upon the continued training and upgrading of skills in order to ensure that sales growth has a firm foundation of personnel assets.

Their Role

Metal cutting tools are basic and vital to our nation's strength. Alvord-Polk is proud to be part of this strength and looks forward with confidence in their ability to meet the challenges of the future.