Widia GTD

Widia GTD (formerly Greenfield) High Performance (HP) Tap Series Overview


Unmatched Performance

Widia GTD (formerly Greenfield)'s HP Tap Series is designed and manufactured for successful threading in a variety of part materials for high and low volume applications. These materials include aluminum, stainless steels, nickel alloys, titanium alloys, mold steels, irons, brass, bronze and plastics.

Their formulation of the premium steel tap base material is unique for each intended application. Special geometry and tap surface treatment interacts with the premium steel to offer the highest level of performance.

Premium Steels

Widia GTD (formerly Greenfield) taps use a blend of tungsten, vanadium or cobalt HSS powdered metals. The right combination improves tap performance resulting in improved product finish and pitch diameter size. These taps have excellent abrasion resistance and are designed for both high and low volume production. When it's important to get that one extra hole, Widia GTD (formerly Greenfield) taps maintain the same quality as the very first tapped hole.

Enhanced Tool Geometry

Special tool geometry creates less torque during tapping, better removal of chips, and runs cooler. CNC necked design increases flow of coolant to the cutting teeth and reduces surface contact between the tool and the work piece for more efficient threading. Cutting face geometry and thread relief are a major design criteria for each tap. These taps are suitable UNJ Aerospace internal threading applications. All taps meet USCTI and ANSI standards dimensions. All new taps meet USCTI and ANSI standard dimensions on DIN length blanks.

Widest Range of Styles and Sizes

Styles include spiral point Gun®, spiral flute, extended 6" length, STI taps, and taper pipe taps. HP Gun® taps are highly recommended for tapping through holes. Gun® taps "shoot" the chips forward ahead of the taps, reducing loading and clogging of the flutes. For blind holes, spiral fluted taps are recommended.

More sizes available

Depending on the style of tap, sizes ranging from #2 to #12 machine screw and from 1/4" to 2" fractional are available.

Broadest Offering of H/D Limits

Pitch diameters from H2 to H7 and metric pitch diameters from D3 to D7 are stocked as standard in many styles, at no premium in price. With rigid setups higher pitch diameter limits can be used for longer tool life. Widia GTD (formerly Greenfield) HP Tap series offers a choice in selection of tap size best suited to produce the class of thread desired.

Choice of Bottoming or Modified Bottoming Chamfer

Only Widia GTD (formerly Greenfield) offers the selection of two chamfers for blind hole tapping. Modified bottoming has 3 to 4 pitches when sufficient drill depth is available. This is the preferred chamfer for successful blind hole tapping. Full bottoming taps, having 1 to 2 pitches, are designed when threads must extend close to the bottom of the drilled hole.

Availability of Coatings to Match the Application

Most of the taps listed in the HP Tap Series are offered as bright, oxide surface treated, titanium nitride coated (TiN), and titanium carbonitride coated (TiCN). Surface treatments enhance the tap's ability to move chips, lubricity and wear life. Bright taps are coated with TiN or TiCN at Widia GTD (formerly Greenfield)'s Lyndonville, Vermont facility. TiN and TiCN coated taps are highly recommended for superior quality of thread and for higher production.